After spending much of 2012 creating and performing Stephen Baynes’ Swan Lake, The Australian Ballet will not be swan-free in 2013. The Baynes version will tour to Brisbane (February) and Adelaide in July. Between those dates, in addition to whooping it up in Don Quixote (Melbourne and Sydney), returning to contemporary in the Vanguard mixed bill (Sydney and Melbourne), and visiting the national capital with Etudes and a contemporary world premiere from Garry Stewart, the company will perform the now ten-year-old Graeme Murphy Swan Lake in Melbourne.

Four days after completing the Melbourne season, they’ll open the Baynes version in Adelaide. Luckily from the musical perspective Orchestra Victoria won’t be required to mentally rearrange the score, as the Adelaide season will use the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. The poor dancers, though!

Melbourne hasn’t seen the Murphy version since 2008, although it has in the meantime toured to Paris, Japan, and New York. Since 2008, Lynette Wills (a memorable Baroness), Robert Curran, Damien Welch, Danielle Rowe, Kirsty Martin, Jane Casson, and Rachel Rawlins have all left the company (all except Rowe have in fact retired), and Yosvani Ramos will be leaving at the end of April after Don Quixote‘s Sydney season.

So who will be dancing Odette, the Prince, and the Baroness? Princes Adam Bull and Kevin Jackson, Odettes Madeleine Eastoe, Amber Scott and Leanne Stojmenov, and Baronesses Olivia Bell, Lucinda Dunn, Lana Jones, and Amy Harris are all still with us (yay).

I expect to see Ty King-Wall, Andrew Killian, Daniel Gaudiello, and Rudy Hawkes as the Prince.

I’d like to see Miwako Kubota, Juliet Burnett, and Robyn Hendricks given the chance to dance Odette: each would bring something to a role I associate most indelibly with Eastoe.

I would love to see Natasha Kusen given the opportunity to dance the Baroness, and Reiko Hombo’s Cio-Cio-San in Madame Butterfly so impressed me that I’ll call her a possible Odette as well.